Magellan Global Fund

A core holding investing in 20 to 40 of the world’s best global stocks

Investment objectives

To achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term;

While minimising the risk of permanent capital loss

Invest in the world's best

  • Alibaba
  • Alphabet
  • Facebook
  • Starbucks
  • Microsoft
  • Pepsico
  • Netflix
  • Tencent
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Novartis

Meet the Manager

Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s Chairman and CIO, reflects on a remarkable 12 months since the pandemic shook global markets, he discusses portfolio performance over recent months and his view on the current state of the market including the recent volatility and trending investor exuberance. (Viewing time: 29 mins)

Choose from two unique access points

Investors can access the Magellan Global Fund through two distinct unit classes. These two unit classes offer investors the same global equities investment strategy, but have their own benefits which you will need to consider:

Open Class Units are quoted on the ASX (ASX: MGOC) and also directly available for purchase and redemption with the fund itself. Open Class Units should generally trade on the ASX close to the prevailing Net Asset Value and you can buy and sell units off market with the fund at the prevailing Net Asset Value.

Closed Class Units are only quoted on the ASX (ASX: MGF). Closed Class units can trade at a premium or a discount to the Net Asset Value. If you participate in the Distribution Reinvestment Plan you can reinvest your distributions at a 7.5% discount to the Net Asset Value. This discounted benefit is only offered to holders of Closed Class Units.

To find out more about your preferred unit class, and for information on how to invest, please select either the Open Class or Closed Class toggle below.

Fund facts

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